Digital Business Solutions

Knowledge Processing

Are you looking for intelligent solutions for processing and presenting your knowledge resources both on and offline? We offer a unique semantic approach.

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Customer Outreach

You need to communicate with your customers efficiently online? We set up and manage web sites, newsletter/mass mailing systems and customer support systems. We also can help you with campaigns and content.

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Data Analytics

Your company generates heterogenous types of data, but consolidating and analyzing them is complex. We can help you unearth the treasures hidden in your data so that they can be used effectively and profitably.

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Utilize QUALITATIVE Data in the QUANTITATIVE Data World

  • You collect and analyze qualitative data?
  • You need to utilize the results of your studies in a non-qualitative environment?
  • We can convert your projects to most common structured data formats, such as csv, xlsx, json, xml, and even directly to Tableau.
  • Here is how:

    1. - Contact us to discuss details and to receive a quote.
    2. - Send us your data in .qdpx* format via secure upload. Specify the desired output format.
    3. - We will return a data package in the format you specify, such as csv, xlsx, json, xml; or as a Tableau workbook (.twbx).

    Get more out of your data.

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