Knowledge + Content Processing

Based on an innovative semantic approach, we offer solutions for intelligent single-source publishing that enable our customers to present their information simultaneously in various media formats. Meaningfully structured content allows automatic linking, efficient normalization, and use in numerous digital products and formats.


Single-Source Publishing

Our Single Source Publishing services enable you to present your publications immediately and simultaneously in different media on- and offline.

Add qualitative value to your text-based information by working with the information contained in your text documents the same way you would with a relational database! You gain all the benefits of a genuinely structured data and can leverage all the same efficient procedures on it: automatic linking, visualization, layout-independent presentation, economical storage, efficient normalization, and many more.

Instantly convert larger text documents into professionally designed web sites, books, software help systems, and many more--without locking into a specific proprietary data format or software package!

DocBook - A Semantic Content Standard

We offer a full range of services to companies already using DocBook or considering switching to this universal documentation format.

We assist in setting up a suitable processing chain for DocBook documents and can adjust, update, and modify your existing DocBook stylesheets and DTDs


In addition, we offer custom programming solutions for DocBook applications as well as full data conversion services.

On top of that, we not only provide technical service in the DocBook area, but can also bring professional quality editorial skills to your documents.

Content Management and Content Analysis

We implement complete Content Management systems and tailor them exactly to your needs and requirements, both in regard to content/structure and design. We specialize in these systems: Joomla | Drupal | Typo3 | WordPress | Mobirise.

But your content deserves more than being "locked away" in these traditional and ultimately restrictive systems.

Our own hypertexxtCMS system combines semantic markup with sophisticated presentation across media boundaries.

Large Text Documents - Conversion into DocBook

DocBook documents can be relatively simple and user-friendly--provided they were authored in DocBook from the very beginning.

However, transforming a larger document that was authored by "traditional," consumer-grade text-processing means (e.g., MS Word, OpenOffice) is a whole different matter altogether. Endeavors of this kind all too often create huge problems and are not seldom abandoned altogether because of the overwhelming complexities they present.

We offer one-stop solutions to these problems.

XSLT Programming / ATLAS.ti

We are official technology partners of ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH, manufacturers of ATLAS.ti, the world-leading QDA software.

ATLAS.ti's comprehensive XML capabilities -- complete output of all internal data as XML--creates a powerful, universal interface between the amazing ATLAS.ti environment and the rest of the IT world.

It is now possible to integrate ATLAS.ti directly, seamlessly, and completely into the regular operative work flow of your organization. We implement full solutions for your specific needs.

Software Help Systems and Manuals

If you are a software or app manufacturer, creating comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest documentation of your program is crucial.

We can assist in the process, and create one-stop solutions for online and oflline help (including, but not limited to, CHM Help, Mac Help pages, and custom formats).

We accompany the authoring process, offer professional text editing in English and German, and set up a processing chain that is easy to handle for authors, and that can be easily adapted, laid out, and templated to your desired design.